Original Vintage Calendar Art

Take a stroll back in time to a much simpler era, where the pace of life was much slower. These original vintage calendar prints were acquired by our founder, Fred T. Darvill, Sr., way back in the 1920s through the 1940s. Mr. Darvill would contact the publishers of the popular calendars of the day and inquire about their "overruns," which were the leftover prints once all the calendars were produced for that year. He was able to purchase thousands of these beautiful, vibrant prints – that were never attached to calendars – and they are now offered here at Darvill's Rare Prints. They have been stored flat and away from light for the past 80+ years and retain their original gorgeous colors. Clicking on the thumbnail images below will open the world of possibilities within that sub-category. We are constantly adding to the site, so please be sure to bookmark us and visit often!