Lehnert & Landrock original héliogravure, ca. 1900-1930s (LL-37)

Lehnert & Landrock original héliogravure, ca. 1900-1930s (LL-37)


"Voyage dans le désert"

These are original gravure prints between 80-120 years old! We do NOT sell reproductions! Condition is generally excellent, but due to their age there may be minor imperfections such as edge or corner wear and perhaps some light browning to the edges of the paper. Any major issues will be listed below.

NOTE: there is considerable scuffing to the surface of the print. It is the very last one available after over 75 years in our shop. There is also some edge/corner wear and chips to the margin.

Image size is approximately 9.5 x 12 inches (23 x 30 cm). The paper is a fairly thick card stock. Many have the original "printed in Germany" stamp on the back.

The Darvill's digital watermark is to deter image theft and does not appear on the actual gravure.

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